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About Velico

Velico is a private, clinical stage medical technology company headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts. committed to the mission of reducing preventable death from bleeding. We are developing a novel , dry plasma manufacturing system which will equip blood centers around the world to produce point of care, dry plasma products for transfusion. On Demand Plasma re-hydrates in minutes at the point of medical care making it ideal for early, pre-hospital use on ground and air ambulances, military settings and for mass casualty events.

Frontline ODP™

The FrontlineODP™ System for spray drying plasma is a dry plasma manufacturing system designed to be deployed in blood centers around the world.

FrontlineODP™ (On Demand Plasma) is spray dried plasma for transfusion produced by the Frontline system, in a novel, point of care, format.

Step 1
Step 2
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Step 1
Pre-treatment Process

Plasma is pre-treated in a sterile, non-pyrogenic, single-use Plasma Pretreatment Container.  The pre-treated plasma is then transferred, to the Plasma Drying Chamber.

Step 2
Drying Process

The Frontline Dryer is an instrument that controls and facilitates the spray drying process through a fully automated process. During the process plasma is atomized by a speciality engineered nozzle and then rapidly dried by the addition of hot air. The resulting dry plasma is collected in a specialized filtered pouch within the plasma drying chamber.

Step 3
Seal, Separate & Package Process

The Plasma Drying Chamber is then placed into the Frontline Sealer which consolidates (in two automated steps) the dried plasma powder into the final bag for transfusion. The FrontlineODP™ Unit is then placed in a resealable protective package designed to maintain a low moisture environment for storage.

Watch Full Process Video

Bag of plasma supervised by medical professional in a hospital setting.