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About Velico®

Velico® is a private, clinical stage medical technology company headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts, committed to the mission of reducing preventable death from bleeding. We are developing a novel, dry plasma manufacturing system which will equip blood centers around the world to produce point of care, dry plasma products for transfusion. On Demand Plasma re-hydrates in minutes at the point of medical care with the potential for early, pre-hospital use on ground and air ambulances, military settings and for mass casualty events.

Frontline ODP™

The FrontlineODP™ System for spray drying plasma is a dry plasma manufacturing system designed to be deployed in blood centers around the world.

FrontlineODP™ (On Demand Plasma) is spray dried plasma for transfusion produced by the Frontline system, in a novel, point of care, format.

Step 1
Step 2
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Step 1
Pre-treatment Process

Plasma is pre-treated in a sterile, non-pyrogenic, single-use Plasma Pretreatment Container.  The pre-treated plasma is then transferred, to the Plasma Drying Chamber.

Step 2
Drying Process

The Frontline Dryer is an instrument that controls and facilitates the spray drying process through a fully automated process. During the process plasma is atomized by a specially engineered nozzle and then rapidly dried by the addition of hot air. The resulting dry plasma is collected in a specialized filtered pouch within the plasma drying chamber.

Step 3
Seal, Separate & Package Process

The Plasma Drying Chamber is then placed into the Frontline Sealer which consolidates (in two automated steps) the dried plasma powder into the final bag. The FrontlineODP™Unit is then placed in a sealable protective package designed to maintain a low moisture environment for storage.

Watch Full Process Video

Bag of plasma supervised by medical professional in a hospital setting.