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What is FrontlineODP™?

Preventable death from haemorrhage following trauma is a global concern which has been targeted by trauma surgeons, emergency medical providers, mass casualty planners, the military and national governments as a top priority. Velico is proud to be developing the Frontline ODP™ technology in support of this call to action.

A FrontlineODP™ Unit is spray dried plasma unit ready for rehydration. The intended use is for the unit is to assist in the management of traumatic hemorrhage where conventional plasma is unavailable or impractical for use such as pre-hospital transfusions, rural/austere hospitals or military applications.

Frontline ODP™‘s Spray Dried Plasma is being designed for easy integration in blood center component laboratories. Decentralized production by blood centers will aim to take advantage of deep blood component manufacturing expertise and product supply chains, from established volunteer blood donor bases to end user distribution including emergency logistics channels.

Decentralized production sets the stage for local dry plasma self-sufficiency and national emergency preparedness including civilian, government and military collaboration for strategic stockpiles and readiness for major mass casualty events.

Why is it needed?

30-40 percent of death from bleeding are considered preventable. In the United States alone preventable death from bleeding takes over 30,000 lives per year.

A spray dried plasma solution will potentially allow for new methods of blood product distribution throughout the EMT community. The potential longevity of Spray Dried Plasma means that emergency vehicles may be able to carry this product for longer than whole blood or other alternatives without replenishing as often.

In addition, as Spray Dried Plasma is being designed to be stored in ambient conditions, it has the potential to save more lives, especially where emergency vehicles do not have appropriate refrigerated facilities but could provide ambient controlled temperature storage conditions.

Velico's FODP Business Model

Velico’s business model is based on partnerships with regional blood centers which collect, test and manufacture life saving blood components everyday. Velico’s FrontlineODP™ system is being designed for straight forward integration into existing blood component manufacturing centers without the need for specialized processing environments (e.g. clean rooms).

The FrontlineODP™ development program is funded by the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), within the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under contract HHS0100201200005C . Velico is grateful for its partnership with BARDA without whom the development of this life saving technology would not be possible.

Resulting Plasma

Velico is developing a breakthrough, platform technology for manufacturing spray dried human plasma. The FrontlineODP™ system is intended to be deployed at regional blood centers who will produce dry plasma (versus freezing it, the current standard) for use by hospitals, emergency first responders and the military. Dry plasma will be a logistically superior product which extends the availability of plasma from the hospital to the point of injury, including rural and austere settings.


FDP will be easily reconstituted with 200 to 250 ml of sterile water (SW), will not be affected by forceful shaking during reconstitution, and will be able to be used within minutes, making it practical in the prehospital and early hospital settings where fresh plasma is unavailable.


Plasma transfusions are lifesaving in critical care and the treatment of many types of trauma which result in blood loss and uncontrolled haemorrhage. Uncontrolled bleeding is recognized as the leading cause of potentially preventable death among victims of trauma. The early administration of plasma has been demonstrated to be lifesaving for many of these patients.

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