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“For over 20 years, Velico® has been focused on developing innovative blood and plasma products for transfusion.

We have focused our efforts on improving the usability, accessibility, and shelf life of specialized blood products. 

We have developed a broad portfolio of patents to protect our inventions. Our investment in talented people, intentional collaborations, innovative engineering and novel technology developments will yield products which will improve access to blood and save countless lives around the world upon release of our first product, FrontlineODP™. This, and the products that follow will be vital to the future of blood.”

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Richard Meehan, President, CEO and Chairman


Our mission is to significantly reduce the number of preventable deaths caused by bleeding. To do this we will continue to invest in the development of life-saving, blood-based technologies and products to improve patient access to rapid transfusion at the point of care.



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Originally, trading as ZymeQuest, Velico initially explored the development of a universally transfusable blood. This went into clinical trials with an investment of $60m and resulted in five separate research patents.


Dr. Peter (Qi) Liu developed a series of 21 additional blood research patents regarding enzyme technology to improve the success rate of transplants through a chemical process.

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Velico® began researching a Spray Dried Plasma process based on a government promoted programme for dried plasma. A shared IP agreement was agreed between Velico Medical and Entegrion in which both companies pursued two different approaches.


Through a competitive bidding process Velico® was awarded a BARDA Contract.

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During this period 27 new patents were issued covering Pre-treatment and Protein stability, specifically focused on the development of a removable drying chamber making them more easily removable, disposable and substantially reduced in size. In addition, a filter was developed to capture the dried plasma.

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Velico's® Investigational Device Exemption application in June 2021. A Phase 1 escalating dose safety clinical study was initiated in December 2022.  The follow-on contract will support completion of clinical study to request FDA Premarket Application Approval (PMA),  as well as market readiness preparation activities including system and disposable cost reduction and manufacturing scale up. Velico plans to pursue CE (EU) applications to satisfy The European Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

In July 2022, the spray dried plasma IP was purchased back from Entegrion.

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Fostering a culture which values achievement through collaboration, teamwork, and mutual respect.

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