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Ryan LaRocque

Vice President of Engineering

Ryan LaRocque, currently serving as Velico Medical’s Vice President of Engineering since 2022, boasts a rich career history spanning over two decades. With roles at prominent organizations like Alert Innovations and DEKA Research, he has demonstrated a keen aptitude for engineering leadership and innovation.

His expertise ranges from refining warehouse automation systems for the grocery industry to guiding the development of medical devices, showcasing his proficiency in requirements generation, data analytics, and coordination of development activities across multidisciplinary teams.

Prior to his current role, Ryan played instrumental roles at DEKA Research and Development, leading projects sponsored by DARPA and overseeing the design and testing of advanced water purification systems, home hemodialysis, and. His extensive experience includes developing novel technologies for distributed power generation and overseeing prototype water purification installations in various regions globally. Ryan’s skill set extends beyond engineering, encompassing documentation and requirements management, solid modeling, and mechanical proficiency honed over years of hands-on experience.

Ryan holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from WPI.

Ryan LaRocque
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