Velico Medical expands plasma products portfolio with intellectual property
acquisition of Entegrion Inc’s Resusix product portfolio.

Leading blood science company, Velico Medical has completed a deal with North Carolina based,
Entegrion, for the intellectual property, trade secrets and spray drying technologies of their pooled,
pathogen reduced, dehydrated plasma product, Resusix.
The Resusix technology yields a dehydrated plasma product derived from the pooling and solvent
detergent (S/D) treatment process via spray drying. The reconstituted product has a coagulation
profile that meets the rigorous standards set in EU Pharmacopeia for S/D plasma. With an extended
shelf life of more than two years, the longer storage capacity breaks the cold chain restrictions of
frozen blood plasma.

“Acquiring the Resusix product portfolio supports our continued efforts to solve critical unmet
needs in transfusing these life-saving blood products for both military and civilian use and
represents opportunities for significant savings for the healthcare delivery system”
stated Richard Meehan, President and CEO of Velico Medical.
“With the efforts and commitment of the Velico Medical leadership we believe that this valuable
fresh frozen plasma alternative will become available to patients in need and offer an greater level
of safety improving patient outcomes.” said Dr. Christopher Rumana, Chairman of the Board for

About Velico:
Velico Medical, Inc. is a private US medical technology company, committed to the mission of
eliminating preventable death from bleeding. Headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts, USA, Velico
has been in business since 1992 (originally ZymeQuest). Velico personnel have substantial expertise
and experience in transfusion medicine and medical device development. Velico intends to equip
regional blood centers around the world to respond to the urgent clinical need for a locally
produced, consistently available, point of care, dry plasma product for transfusion. In support of its
mission, Velico is developing partnerships with civilian, government and military blood center
leadership, trauma surgeons, emergency medical physicians, military medics and first responders

About Entegrion:
Entegrion is a life sciences development company that is focused on improving the safety and
availability of blood component therapy. Based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, its
patented technologies are designed to overcome limitations in storage, safety, and availability of
blood-derived products while improving their functionality. Many of Entegrion’s advances in
biologics are based on close collaborations with leading medical research institutions. Visit for more information.

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