Great people, Life Saving Mission, Shared Commitment

At Velico we share a passion and deep commitment for stopping preventable death from hemorrhage. Our mission is what drives, unites and excites us. We embrace our accountability to the patients whose lives are being lost unnecessarily because they cannot get a blood product at the point of injury. We are grateful for the civilian and military trauma surgeons, first responders, transfusion specialists and government agencies who advise, encourage and support us. We take pride in joining forces with them in a global effort to improve trauma care and elevate strategic preparedness for mass casualty events.

At Velico we nurture a culture which values achievement through collaboration, teamwork and mutual respect. We are a diverse and talented team where capability, contribution and integrity are what matters. We encourage possibilities based thinking to solve problems and identify opportunities. Individuals are empowered yet committed to working together to help each other succeed.

If our mission excites you and the opportunity to join a team doing something that has never been done before, energizes you, please contact us.