About Plasma

Plasma: The Liquid Portion of Blood

Plasma is the liquid part of blood that suspends and carries cells and proteins throughout the body. It makes up about 55% of the body’s total blood volume and is comprised mostly of water (92%). Plasma is important to blood coagulation, maintaining hemostatic balance, endothelial integrity and supporting healthy organ function.

Plasma transfusions are lifesaving in critical care and the treatment of many types of trauma which result in blood loss and uncontrolled hemorrhage. Uncontrolled bleeding is recognized as the leading cause of potentially preventable death among victims of trauma. The early administration of plasma has been demonstrated to be lifesaving for many of these patients.

Currently, most plasma is frozen soon after collection. The need to thaw plasma prior to use can delay transfusions in the hospital by an hour or more and generally limits availability to institutional settings.

Velico’s FrontlineODP™ system for spray drying plasma equips regional blood centers to produce a dry plasma product which is optimal for storage near the patient including emergency rooms, operating rooms , intensive care units and maternity wards.

Dry plasma simplifies product handling and logistics and, minimizes waste. Product availability is extended to remote locations including storage on ambulances, medical aircraft, medics backpacks on the battlefield and underserved suburban and rural geographies.

Velico’s research indicates that there is a strong and increasing demand for local production and national self-sufficiency in dry plasma production worldwide. This demand is driven by military and civilian experience bolstered by pivotal studies which demonstrate that early transfusion of plasma will improve patient outcomes and prevent unnecessary death from bleeding.